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Eco-Friendly, Teen Run, & Low Rates!


Mount Pleasant OddJobs does everything possible to create a healthy and safe enviornment for staff and clients.

We do this by making mask wearing, and social distancing mandatory. We do mostly OUTDOOR ODD-JOBS, so the virus is less transmittable.
Our Administrative Staff works hard to keep updated on the New York COVID-19 Guidelines and Mandates, as given by the World Health Organization.
If, for any reason, we receive a complaint from a client, we will immediately take action. Know that your safety comes first!



Our Background

At first, in late July 2020, it was just two teenagers with a lemonade stand. We worked hard each and every Saturday for the next weeks, integrating other products such as eggs from our chickens, vegetables for our garden, and baked goods from our kitchen. One Saturday we met up with our long time friend from when we were babies, and joined together with the idea to use the lemonade stand to fundraise for a business. Now, at the time we didn’t know what the business was going to be, we just knew that we wanted to work together and work hard on something. Then it hit us. Outdoor Oddjobs is always a good business to get into, because everyone had something they needed done. We named it Mt. Pleasant OddJobs and in the first week of opening locally, we cashed in a couple hundred dollars. And now here we are, hard working, determined, and ready to serve.


They showed up early wearing masks and brought their own water and gloves... they were pretty fast and left in two hours with a job complete...the yard looks great!


-Susan Angst

My car has never looked so clean and felt so good inside! An amazing hardworking, detail-oriented team that exceeded expectations!

-Jason Grauer

I was really impressed with the professionalism shown...I highly recommend...for your lawn work or odd jobs.

-Mindy Blumm




PHONE: 9178900211

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